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Nothing should come in the way of your creative flow of writing, let alone something as trivial as formatting. But don’t be too careless. A book writer still needs to satisfy publishing standards for formatting and make their way through the continuously growing ebook market.

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Your manuscript will not get any attention from the publishers if you send it in any other format other than the standard publishing format. Even a tiny error like a missing space is like a massive turnoff for editors and publishers. If you intend to turn your book writing passion into a profession, then we urge you to get yourself a professional book formatting service.

Professional formatters will remodel your story into a proper manuscript format, so it looks and fits just as slick as the words written in it.

We can format a book for publishing in no time leaving no room for error, as a book formatting software would. Because at the end of the day, you’re still the same human using the software. You could better utilize your precious time to exercise your creativity rather than to spend it on tedious grunt work of formatting manauscript just because some publishing standards say so. Hire us for your book formatting needs and we will help you achieve the level of pure professionalism that you need to excel in the difficult market.

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Our Writers

Meet the stars of our writing team who are always pushing and setting new standards for us as well as the industry. They have stellar writing experiences under their belt working with bestseller authors and featured by the biggest news outlets and forums.

Esther Rowe


Esther is one of our most emotionally intelligent writers. She deconstructs feelings of her characters so eloquently that it leaves even our editors waiting for the next chapter to quench their curiosity about what’s going to happen next. Her empathetic nature gives her an edge and enables her to not just understand the client’s demands but really feel where they’re coming from. Her abilities shine in Memoirtelling whether they’re fantasy fiction, nonfiction biographies, narratives, screenplays, or novels. Hire her as your ghostwriter today.

Rosalie Guzman


Rosalie is the most versatile writer you will ever see. She is young, but exceptionally gifted with words and has a magical instinct that is reflected in her work. Her multifaceted profile showcases prized work in songwriting, rap and hip-hop, speeches, scripts, fanfics, short stories, flash fiction, and even comics. What’s surprising is that her flow from rhyming extends into the biographies and memoirs that she is always so eager to work on. Rosalie’s words are almost always trending in the media, and we feel proud to know that it was one of our own who wrote that.

Leo Weber


If there’s anyone who can make a person see with closed eyes, it’s our wizard, Weber. He is an expert in drawing detailed pictures in the heads of his readers and animate them with nothing but words on a page. His descriptions are extraordinarily visual, with a unique ability to change complete scenarios, all within a single sentence. Weber’s words that drop like hammers have earned him a celestial reputation amongst our clients so he stays booked in advance. Through our forum, hire him today to reserve an exclusive spot on his writing schedule.

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Answers to the Frequently Asked Questions

Ebook formatting is the designing of the pages by altering how the text looks like on the screen. The basic philosophy of formatting remains the same, that the book should look aesthetically pleasing, orderly and comfortable to the reader’s eyes. However, in ebooks, the focus is on the screens rather than the physical pages of a printed book.

Decide on the publishing route you’re going to take for your book. Search the internet for formatting standards according to your publishing route of choice. For example, if you want to take the traditional publishing route, you want to design for the physical appearance according to the publisher. In contrast, if you want to publish it using Kindle, you want to follow Kindle’s guidelines for formatting an ebook. If you think you are not up for the task, you can get a professional book formatting service for hire for a small fee.

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I just used eBooks Crafter to narrate an audiobook, and I was blown away by the caliber of their work. Their voice actors had fantastic timing, and they could adequately convey the mood and complexity of my narrative. Even their post-production services helped me save time and money; they are the best book narrators. The most incredible thing is that they were very inexpensive as well! Strongly advise using eBooks Crafter for all of your audiobook requirements. I'm a returning customer, and I recommend others consider hiring audiobook narrators from eBooks Crafter.


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I hired book narrators from eBooks Crafter for one of my audiobook narration projects, and I was extremely impressed with the results. Their book narrators are professionals and subject-matter experts who effortlessly captured the main points of my story and had excellent voices. Each moment narrated by their audiobook narrators was so lifelike that it gave the story a natural feel. They delivered the job on schedule, which was greatly appreciated, and the sound quality was magnificent. If you're looking for top-notch audiobook narrators, I wholeheartedly recommend hiring audiobook narrators from Times Ghostwriters!


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Authors include Rachel Hollis, Tilman Fertitta, and John C Maxwell

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