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Are you prepared to develop your undeveloped tale idea into a successful script? You've discovered your ideal squad; stop looking. At eBooks Crafter, we create scripts that are produced instead of simply being read. We don't just write; we give your tale life.

Why settle for a lone freelancer when you may have a team of screenplay ghostwriters who are known throughout the industry? Our writers are well-versed in the craft of screenwriting, creative, and experienced. Forget about examining countless portfolios and questioning qualifications. We have the skills you require to transform your idea into a solid, captivating script that producers won't be able to ignore and audiences will adore.

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Why You Should Hire A Screenwriter?

Our skilled script experts are on call and prepared to create custom screenplays for film, television, or any other medium that not only entertain but enthrall. We are narrative architects who create engaging characters, captivating plot lines, and memorable dialogue.

Do you require a screenplay that is created from scratch? We have your back. Looking to improve a script you already have? Count it finished. With the help of our script doctoring services, your story will go from being terrific to being impossible to put down.

Stop looking. Start a project. Your ideal script is only a click away with eBooks Crafter.

Varieties of Screenplay Writing Services We Offer to Add a Unique Flair to Your Scripts:
  • Feature Film Screenplays
  • TV Pilots
  • Sitcom Scripts
  • Drama Scripts
  • Documentary Screenplays
  • Short Film Screenplays
  • Adaptations

Endless Refinements

We won't stop tweaking until your words mirror perfection, aligned with your unique vision.

Guaranteed Contentment

Prioritizing top-tier writing and punctual delivery to ensure your utmost satisfaction.

Exclusive Rights

The masterpiece we craft? It's solely yours. You retain all copyrights.

In-depth Exploration

Comprehensive research ensures content that's meticulously adapted for you.

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Our Screenplay Writing Procedure


Create your story's assumption

Create and develop an attention-grabbing story notion that will draw in your audience. This means developing an original story, engaging characters, and an understandable location.


Draft a screenplay outline

Draft an outline that divides the action into key scenes and acts. This makes it easier to create a structure that is clear to work with and guarantees that your tale flows.


First Draft Time

Write the first draft of your screenplay using the guidelines in your framework. This is where you start to develop your plot and write the dialogue that gives your characters personality.


Polish Till It Shines

It's time to examine and revise your script when you've finished writing the first draft. To make your plot, dialogue, and characters more engaging and compelling, refine them.


Obtain input on your screenplay

Once you're satisfied with your rewritten draft, ask peers, industry experts, or script consultants for their opinions. Make any necessary final edits to your screenplay using their comments.


Completing and submitting your screenplay

Make any necessary final edits after taking advice into account, then submit your script. Depending on your objectives and interests, you might send this to a production firm, a studio, or a literary agent.

Answers to the Frequently Asked Questions

Our screenplay writers are industry veterans with a proven track record of crafting compelling narratives, unforgettable characters, and dialogue that resonates. They're not just writers; they're storytellers who understand the nuances of screenwriting.

Hiring a screenwriter from us is a straightforward process. Simply reach out to us through our contact form, and we'll match you with a screenwriter who best fits your project's needs. You can discuss your vision, budget, and timeline from there to ensure a successful collaboration.

Absolutely! Our screenwriters for hire are versatile and experienced in writing for various genres, be it drama, comedy, thriller, or fantasy, and across different mediums like film, television, and online platforms.

We offer a comprehensive range of screenwriting services, from developing your initial story concept to creating a full screenplay. We also provide screenplay ghostwriting services for those who have a story to tell but require help putting it into script form.

Yes, we do! Apart from screenplay ghostwriting, we also offer services for revising and improving existing scripts. Our skilled screenwriters can help elevate your screenplay to professional standards, ensuring it captures the attention of producers and audiences alike.

Our Testimonials


“Working with eBooks Crafter was a game-changer for my film project. I had a rough idea, but their screenplay writers turned it into a compelling script that caught the eye of producers. The dialogue, the pacing, the characters, it was all spot-on. I couldn't have asked for a better collaboration.”

Samantha J.

“In this industry, time is money, and eBooks Crafter understands that. We needed to hire a screenwriter fast for a high-stakes project, and they delivered beyond our expectations. The screenplay was completed on time and had the kind of quality that gets noticed during award season.”

Michael L.

“I had a story to tell, but didn't know the first thing about screenwriting. eBooks Crafter' screenplay ghostwriting services were a lifesaver. They took my idea and crafted a screenplay that I'm proud to put my name on. Their team was supportive throughout the entire process, and I learned so much along the way.”

Emily R.

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